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PA, 18018
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Extra Strong
Diamond Forster Plasticware Forks, 24 Each
$0.99$0.04 each
Extra Strong
Diamond Forster Plasticware Spoons, 24 Each
$0.99$0.04 each
8 Place Settings, Plastic
Diamond Forster Spoons Forks & Knives, 24 Each
$0.99$0.04 each
9 Oz
PriceRite Cups - Cold, 80 Each
$2.59$0.03 each
Solo All Occasion Paper Plates - 7 inch, 48 Each
$2.50$0.05 each
Plastic cups for cold beverages. 18 ounces. Durable and sturdy. Easy-to-hold hand grips prevent spills and allow one-handed support
Solo SoloGrips Plastic Cups, 30 Each
$2.50$0.08 each