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1001 8th Avenue null
PA, 18018
Mon-Sat 8am-9pm Sun 8am-8pm
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La Fe Tropical Salami, 30 Ounce
La Fe Tropical Salami, 32 Ounce
Mexicana Oaxaca String Cheese, 12 Ounce
Tropical 100% Natural Cheese - Mild Cheddar, 8 Ounce
Aged over 6 months.
Tropical 100% Natural Cheese - Sharp Cheddar, 8 Ounce
Tropical Arepa, 16 Ounce
Tropical Arepa, 12 Ounce
Tropical Argentinian Chorizo, 14 Ounce
Tropical Caramel Flan, 8 Ounce
Tropical Central American Cream, 14 Pound
Tropical Cheddar Cheese - Sharp, 8 Ounce
Queso Criollo
Tropical Cheese, 12 Ounce
Para Pupusas
Tropical Cheese, 32 Ounce
Tropical Cheese - Cuajada Fresca Centroamericana, 14 Ounce
Tropical Chorizos, 3.5 Ounce
Tropical Chorizos, 7 Ounce
Tropical Colombian Chorizo - Cured Pork Susage, 14 Ounce
Tropical Crema Guatemalteca, 14 Ounce
Tropical Crema Hondurena, 14 Ounce
Aged over 9 months. 100% Natural cheese.
Tropical Extra Sharp Cheddar, 8 Ounce
Tropical Fry Cheese, 16 Ounce
Tropical Gelatin Dessert - Creme Parfait, 9 Ounce
Tropical Gelatin Dessert - Uno Dos Tres, 5 Ounce
Tropical Gelatin Desserts - Uno Dos Tres, 9 Ounce
Tropical Grated Cotija Cheese, 12 Ounce
Tropical Imitation American Cheese for Sandwiches, 10.6 Ounce
Tropical Longaniza Dominican Brand Cured Sausage, 10 Ounce
Tropical Mexican Cheese, 8 Ounce
Tropical Mexican Chorizo, 14 Ounce
Tropical Mexican Cream, 14 Ounce