About Price Rite

  • The freshest produce and meats

    We strive to bring you the freshest produce and meats available in the market today. Often shipped from the farm to our trucks, to you, all we do is open the box with no extra “handling”. This is a carefully curated, often locally sourced range designed to meet your most diverse cooking tastes.

  • Incredible value on name brands

    We know you want brands you recognize and trust, and you will find them at the absolute lowest everyday prices at Price Rite. On average, we can save you up to 20 – 50% versus your regular grocery store, taking your family’s well-being and budget to heart. For additional savings, we now accept manufacturer’s coupons. Simplicity drives our value so our customers bring their own bags.

  • Private brands that proudly carry our name, Price Rite

    While others hide the origin of their private brands, we proudly put our name on over 500 items throughout the store. These products have been rigorously quality-tested and have a 100% money-back guarantee. We are proud of the products we offer, which is why we call them Price Rite.

  • Unique “Special Buys”

    Our buyers are always exploring the marketplace for what we call “special purchases”, brands that we can temporarily buy at high-volume and at a great price. You will find dozens of them throughout the store, clearly marked as “special”, so you will know they are hot and not every day.

  • Meaningful, diverse and locally-considered product selection

    While our product assortment is fine-tuned and “limited”, we still have great diversity in the categories and brands we offer, unlike our small box competitors. We frequently carry one or both of the leading national brands in a category, along with a high-quality private brand, giving you great choice and selection. We also work to carry many of the local brands that you have come to love.

  • Accessible, friendly customer service

    Our employees and customer service come from your neighborhood, and you will see our people throughout the store, in meat, in produce, in the aisle, and at the checkout. They are accessible to you and for you and are happy to help.

  • American company

    We are American-Strong and very proud to be an American company. You may not know it, but most of our competitors are owned by companies outside the U.S. Our values are hard-working, our commitment to your community and community events is sincere, and we are always listening to how to become better.